Luis Saldarriaga

Luis was my wife Teresa's brother, and my friend, and a friend to our daughter.

Luis came to America from Colombia with his father, mother, two  brothers, and three sisters, back in 1963. A third brother was born here.

Luis was a giver, not a taker. Luis always knew when someone needed help, and help was always forthcoming, quietly. Luis should have left home and pursued his own interests, but he always felt his family at home needed him. And so he stayed.

Luis was a kind person, with an offbeat sense of humor. He always put the needs of his family before those of his own. But he still had time to love animals, and he especially had time to love plants. The garden he single-handedly created behind his house was a refuge and a sight to behold.

As a teenager, he got a job in D'Agostino Supermarkets, and was quickly made a front end manager. It's a demanding job that involves keeping three competing sets of folk happy; cashiers, customers, and management. Not everyone could do it, but Luis was good with people. Luis could have moved higher up in the organization, but he had everything he wanted. He wanted time to be with his friends, his family, and his garden, and the job he had supplied his needs just fine. Which is why he spent his entire career there.

Luis loved children and did everything he could for his many nieces and nephews, especially the ones that lived at home.

He will be missed.